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Acerca de nuestros Cursos vivo en línea

If you are going to invest your time and money into this learning process and that time and money is of value to you, then our online class will give you the opportunity to get live personalized help that no videotaped program can give.

Join one of the highly qualified High Conflict Diversion Program instructors, “live” via online webinar in a small interactive group. Learn how to get out of the painful situation that you are in and regain a better handle on your life and your relationship with the other parent and your children.

The High Conflict Diversion Program™ Online Class is a 9-week live, interactive class that is limited to 12 students per class in order to ensure quality personal help. Our classes are proven to help parents through the difficult maze of high conflict divorces and custody cases. By working in groups with other parents, you will feel supported in knowing this is a common problem and that there are approaches that can free you from the cycle.

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By taking our class online, you will have access to our programs whether or not we have classes in you community. Our classes are approved in many areas by family courts and we are continuing to grow the list. Check with your local jurisdiction to see if our classes are approved for your area. Even if it is not court approved in your area, the knowledge you will receive in this class will go a long way to get you out of the high conflict cycle.

We offer 3 ways to pay for these 9-2 hour classes.

The first package is a one time payment of $555.00.

The second package allows you to make 2 payments of $287.50 El primer pago es debido en el registro y el segundo pago se cargará a su tarjeta de crédito un mes más tarde.

The Third package allows you to pay as you to make three payments of $195.00. El primer pago es debido en el registro y los próximos dos pagos de un mes de separación.

Special payment plans are available per need.

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In this series of classes, we will cover understanding the high conflict cycle, understanding how you participate in the high conflict dance, taking responsibility to change the high conflict cycle, boundary setting with the other parent, Parallel Parenting skills (mom’s house/dad’s house), working on new ways to connect with your children in order to keep them connected to you in your world, empowering both you and your children to create and hold appropriate boundaries with the other parent, building a safe and strong future with your children in your world in order for them to achieve success as an adult and rediscovering yourself outside of the high conflict cycle.

Remember, these courses are limited to 12 participants. Make sure to reserve your spot today.

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