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(to Brookolsen.com) Divorce and Custody Support

Divorce and Custody fights are highly emotional processes. People need to have someone that can help them through that process in a supportive manner. Typically, people hire an attorney and that is the extent of their support team. Attorneys are expensive ($300-$400 per hour) to talk to and are not equipped to adequately help you through the personal issues regarding your divorce.

Some people will also have a therapist. The problem is most therapists don’t understand the court system and often get their clients deeper into the mess. Hiring a Divorce and Custody Coach ($150 per hour) for your team is the most practical, efficient and cost-effective way to process the things your attorney doesn’t want to or can’t help with.

Having developed the High Conflict Diversion Program™ for Parents and Professionals and working closely with the courts and family law professionals, Brook is uniquely qualified as a Divorce and Custody Coach to help you survive in the turbulant waters of the high conflict divorce and custody battles found in family court.

Whether it is getting ready for a family court mediation, custody hearing, preparing a parenting plan or learning to deal with the craziness of your Ex, By hiring Brook as your  Coach you will have one of most educated and successful pe0ple you can have on your team.