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(to Brookolsen.com) Divorce/Custody Coaching

Divorce/Custody Coaching $150.00 per hour

Divorce and Custody issues are not just legal issues they are emotional issues that your attorney isn’t likely to know how to handle and at $300.00 to $400.00 per hour you probably don’t want them to. Further, though working with a therapist regarding the issues of divorce can help you understand what is happening emotionally, they most likely are not aware of the hidden pitfalls improper actions will have on your case. What you need is and experienced Divorce Coach that can help avoid those common and often unseen pitfalls and help you understand exactly what you would like to achieve and how to best achieve your goals.

With Brook Olsen as your Divorce Coach you will learn how to be less reactive when dealing with the chaos and unpredictable behavior of the Family Court System not to mention that of your Ex. Brook will help you solve problems in ways the other people you may be working with don’t know how, don’t have the time or the level of expertise you will find when working with Mr. Olsen.

When going through divorce or custody fight having Brook as your coach will give you the knowledge and advantage you need to get through the storm. When you look at the cost of divorce you can’t afford not to have this kind of help. Even when working with mediators a Divorce/Custody Coach is a must.

Here is what one client had to say:

I met Brook Olsen shortly after my wife announced it was over, and his help has been invaluable in getting me through the hardest period of my life. Brook and I worked together to establish the emotional boundaries I needed to deal successfully with my ex. His extensive knowledge of lawyers, therapists, Family Court Services and other professionals helped me to negotiate with confidence during divorce mediation. By working with Brook I was able to negotiate a fair and reasonable marital settlement agreement, while avoiding huge legal and court fees.

I would recommend Brook to anyone who is dealing with divorce and child sharing issues. The sooner you see him, the better off you’ll be!


T. D’Arcy Ferreira Esq.

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