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Darby Munroe

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Darby Munroe

Darby Munroe is a certified High Conflict Diversion Program Instructor.


941 SE Central Parkway, Stuart FL 34994

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Professional Description:

Darby Munroe, M. Ed. is a lifelong educator and advocate with a passion for helping at-risk youth. She is certified to teach Math and ESE in the state of FL, and has a Master's degrees in Career and Technical Education Urban Education, and Exceptional Student Education, with the focus on trauma and ACE scores in school age children. Whether teaching math or making accommodation or career plans, she focuses on helping others create solutions that work for everyone involved. Her experience with youth in school, alternative, and juvenile justice settings made her realize one thing: kids who struggle all have conflict in the home.
After surviving her own high conflict divorce, and advocating for years for what was best for children, Darby recognized that her community needed a resource like the High Conflict Diversion Program. She hopes to help parents who are struggling in the divorce process learn how to model healthy choices for their children, ultimately preventing more trauma and doing what is best for the kids. She can help people through the difficult divorce process with less stress and positive results.