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Free Tele-Seminar For Professionals

Free Tele-seminar for Professionals
What is a “High Conflict” Divorce?

Studies show that 25-30% of divorces can be referred to as “high conflict” and most represent parents who repeatedly return to family court for relief in deciding matters that have little to do with the law and much to do with the welfare of the children involved. We’ve all seen them in our offices, in the court room, and in Family Court mediation!

Working with divorcing parents or parents in custody disputes can be extremely difficult. The cause of the high conflict cycle with this population is, to a great degree, misunderstood and frequently mismanaged.

Would you like to learn more about the dynamics of parents in high conflict? A clear understanding of what perpetuates the chaotic cycle of conflict can help professionals manage and direct these clients.

On Wednesday October 13th at 12:00 pm Pacific Time, Brook Olsen, the founder and director of the acclaimed High Conflict Diversion Program, will present a 1 hour free tele-seminar for attorneys, judges, mediators, therapists and parenting educators interested in learning more about managing high conflict divorces.

This segment of the Tele-seminar Series for Professionals will address :
What are the hallmarks of these so-called “high conflict” families?
Recognizing how Personality Disorders may be playing a significant part
Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting
The role the family court system plays in perpetuating the conflict
Tools for managing this difficult population.
Providing guidance when a client is operating under the misbelief that the course of events and the behavior of the other parent can be controlled,
This seminar is free to all that attend. It will prove to be well worth the time spent in this engaging discussion.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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