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Two Day Professional Trainings

High Conflict Divorce, What Really Drives It In understanding High Conflict Divorce it is essential to understand what lies at its roots

High levels of parental conflict have consistently been shown to be among the most destructive factors in both intact and divorced families.  Currently, we have an epidemic of children caught up in the chaos and turmoil of parental conflict.  Studies show that in the United States, on average, 50% of all marriages will fail, and that out of those that fail, 30% will become high conflict divorces.  Unfortunately, the conflict doesn’t end when the divorce is final, and this leaves the children of these high conflict relationships at risk in many areas of their life: emotionally, physically, educationally and financially.

Before moving towards resolution of the high conflict cycle, the cause of the conflict must be identified.  Once we understand what the conflict is about, we can then implement strategies to remove it.

In order to better educate professionals about understanding and working with clients cought in the High Conflict Divorce and Custody cycle, we have developed this new training. The first day of workshop and is an introduction to High Conflict Divorce and Custody Identification and Management. The second training is a two day advanced workshop focused on teaching professionals on coaching clients stuck in the High Conflict cycle.

We understand your needs vary in the need for skills when working with this difficult population so we are continually looking for different forums and structures to meet those need in the most direct and efficient manner.

Denver Colorado April 23 -24 2015  (The Joy and Challenges of the High Conflict Client/ A Pathway to Success, A Need Fulfilled)

Bloomington Illinois May 21 -22  (The Joy and Challenges of the High Conflict Client/ A Pathway to Success, A Need Fulfilled)