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Tony MacAllister

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Tony MacAllister

Tony MacAllister is a certified High Conflict Diversion Program Instructor.


Kearny Office Park, 8316 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Sue 105 San Diego CA 92111

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Tony MacAllister Surviving a high conflict divorce myself, with the help of completing the High Conflict Diversion course, I has always been in search of helping others. Within my family and friends I was always known as a “fixer”. Friends and family calling upon me for sound advise, but answering most situations from my heart or from experience. I was looking for a more concrete education, so I turned to Brook Olson to expand my knowledge and understanding of the long lasting and devastating experience that a divorce can play on a person, close friends, family or most importantly the children. I brings a great understanding of the emotions involved and how to successfully navigate the ending of a relation but more importantly the starting of a new life with your child.