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San Diego High Conflict Diversion Program


Lost and consumed by the court system, and the bullying of my ex-husband, I thought my life was doomed to continue this way until my daughter turned 18 years old, (and she is only three!) Through the High Conflict course and Brook Olsen, I acquired tools that have given me freedom from my ex-husband’s angry grasp. Brook showed me how to set boundaries and stick to them. Before this, I was always afraid to put my foot down for fear I would make my ex even angrier and look bad in the eyes of the court. Brook walked me through each step and taught me how to give my daughter a safe place to live. Today, I have my sanity and serenity despite my ex-husband’s efforts to break me. I am both a stronger woman and a stronger mother because of the High Conflict course and Brook Olsen. I only wish I had had these tools from the beginning of the divorce process. But, I have recommended this course to women who are starting the divorce process and have received positive feedback from them.

Kim H, RN

During my two individual sessions with Brook, I picked up ideas and techniques that made mediation a success for me. Initially, I doubted the whole idea of coaching, especially since money is tight for me right now. But, now that I have been coached by Brook and have gone through the extended mediation process, I can wholeheartedly say that it was the best money I have spent in this entire divorce process. Brook taught me how to relax and stay on topic, and encouraged me to focus on what was best for my kids. I was able to walk out of the mediation process a winner.

Susan C

I met Brook Olsen shortly after my wife announced it was over and his help has been invaluable in getting me through the hardest period of my life. Brook and I worked together to establish the emotional boundaries I needed to deal successfully with my ex. His extensive knowledge of lawyers, therapists, Family Court Services and other professionals helped me to negotiate with confidence during divorce mediation. The process continues, but all indications are that I will be able to negotiate a fair and reasonable marital settlement agreement, while avoiding huge legal and court fees.I would recommend Brook to anyone who is dealing with divorce and child sharing issues. The sooner you see him, the better off you’ll be!

T. D’Arcy