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Tony MacAllister

Instructor Profile

Tony MacAllister

Tony MacAllister is a certified High Conflict Diversion Program Instructor.


190 E Douglas, El Cajon California

Phone Number:

(858) 353-2635



Professional Description:

Surviving a high conflict divorce himself, with the help of completing the High Conflict Diversion course, Tony has always been in search of helping others. Within his family and friends Tony was always known as the “fixer”. Friends and family calling upon him for sound advise, but answering most situations from his heart or from experience. Tony was looking for a more concrete education, so he turned to Brook Olson to expand his knowledge and understanding of the long lasting and devastating experience that a divorce can play on a person, his close friends, family and most importantly his children. Tony brings a great understanding of the emotions involved and how to successfully navigate the ending of a relation but more importantly the starting of a new life with your child.