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Divorce and Custody Coaching

At $400-600/hour, attorneys may know divorce law, but not understand the Family Court system and how emotional issues can wreak havoc on the legal process. Therapists may understand the emotional issues inherent in a high conflict divorce, but not the behaviors that could result in a bad outcome in court.

What if you could have both in one person?

Since 2004, Brook Olsen has worked as a Certified Divorce Mediator, Divorce Coach, and Certified Parenting Educator with the International Network for Children and Families. Brook understands the Family Courts system and the emotional issues at play in a high conflict divorce.  

With a Divorce and Custody Coach, you not only learn what to expect in family court or mediation, you also have a greater likelihood of a favorable outcome from the courts or mediation. And, through Brook’s background in trauma counseling and meditation, you learn coping skills, how to disengage from the other parent, and how to set boundaries so that by the time the divorce is final, you are equipped to move on with success.

With the high cost of divorce, you can’t afford NOT to have a Divorce and Custody Coach to lead you through the process, even when you’re working with a mediator.

Get Divorce and Custody help now

The coaching fee is $310/hour with packages of 6 sessions available for $1560 and can be in person, by video conference, or phone. To book an appointment for a consultation, fill out the form below. Brook will contact you soon.

Here’s what one happy client had to say:

I met Brook Olsen shortly after my wife announced it was over, and his help has been invaluable in getting me through the hardest period of my life. Brook and I worked together to establish the emotional boundaries I needed to deal successfully with my ex.  His extensive knowledge of lawyers, therapists, Family Court Services and other professionals helped me to negotiate with confidence during divorce mediation.  By working with Brook, I was able to negotiate a fair and reasonable marital settlement agreement, while avoiding huge legal and court fees. The sooner you see him, the better off you’ll be!