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High Conflict Parenting Class

About the High Conflict Diversion Class

Being in a high conflict divorce and/or custody battle is extremely stressful: potential harassment from the other parent; financial instability; fear of the unknown; unhappy children. Learn how to step away from the dance of conflict so you can create the stable, joyful and fulfilling life you and your children deserve.

We understand what you’re going through.

Our High Conflict Diversion Program offers personalized instruction in a 6-week interactive class that covers:

  • The high conflict cycle and why you participate in the “dance”
  • How to stop the “dance”: tools you need to disengage from the other parent, set boundaries, and communicate without continuing the conflict
  • Parallel parenting techniques that help you disengage from the other parent while remaining close with your children
  • What to expect in family court and how to navigate the court system
  • The benefits of mediation to avoid the high cost of lawyers and court fees
  • The benefits of trauma counseling and meditation
  • How to rediscover yourself outside of the high conflict cycle

You don’t have to do this alone

The class size is limited to 20 participants so you can feel safe to share your experiences and receive quality, individualized help – and know that you’re not alone. Our high-conflict diversion classes are live online. The classes are one and a half hours each for six weeks.

Our classes are approved in many areas by family courts, and we are continuing to grow the list. Check with your local jurisdiction to see if our classes are approved for your area.

Payment options:*

  • One-time payment of $620
  • Two payments of $335 each. The first payment is due at registration and the second payment will be billed to your credit card four weeks later.
  • Three payments of $240 each. The first payment is due at registration and the next two payments are four weeks apart.

*Special payment plans are available based on need.

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Here’s what one of our students had to say about the course:

I have to just tell you your class has done so much for me. Even more than my two therapists. I started being this weak victim not standing up for myself to feeling like a much more confident person. Knowing my number one focus is Emily and as long as I have her in sight, I can handle anything he throws at me. Thank you again. You are doing parents a great service.

I promise this course will change your life.

Brook Olsen

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