The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast

Co-Parenting is the relationship that never ends.

If your ex is difficult to deal with, if you are experiencing high-conflict and/or the children are being hurt by the behavior of your ex partner, then this show is for you.

You may not be able to change them but you CAN change everything that your child needs to be healthy and happy. Listen in as Charlie and Brook discuss the principles, tools and techniques available in order to create peace in high conflict co-parenting relationships.

  1. In this episode Brook and Tony talk about the way narcissistic people gaslight, project, twist, misdirect and otherwise create chaos in order to manipulate. Enjoy!!!

  2. In this episode Brook and Tony discuss the difficulty of and the anxiety comes with getting used to saying no to some one either, an ex partner or our children. They talk about learning when and the power in using the word no as a vehicle to creating a calmer more manageable life for you and your children. Enjoy!!!

  3. In this episode Brook And Tony discuss how to assess what is truly important, how to prioritize what is needed to do, what to disengage in and how this releases you and the people you love to move forward. Enjoy

  4. In this episode Brook And Tony discuss the importance of having a template to work from so each thing that comes up in the conflict has an assessment process as to how to proceed and that this becomes the ongoing practice of how to navigate and decision make along the way. Enjoy!!!

  5. In this episode Brook and Tony discuss how parenting styles affect a child's attachment and development and how having a strong authoritative parenting style to anchor in can go a long way to mitigate the damage done in high conflict cases. Enjoy!!!

  6. In this podcast Brook and Tony talk about how we can and need to parent from awareness of the patterns and beliefs of ourselves and that of our parents as well as those of our ex's and their families of origins in order to change the patterns of our children and their children

  7. In this episode Brook and Tony discuss the difficulty of transitions not jus from one house the the other but of teaching our children critical thinking and sense making in order to help them with the current situations of uncertainty regarding WHAT is happening in the world regarding the transitions of opening and closing the opening and closing and to help them deal with the anxiety that come from two home with differing beliefs. Enjoy!!!

  8. In this episode Brook and Tony discuss how being attuned to your child regarding what their goal, dreams and exceptions about their lives is important and to differentiate yours from theirs and to come into support for their journey in a present and engaged manner is essential for their mental health and development of successful, happy and secure adult. Enjoy!!!

  9. In this episode Brook and Tony discuss Emotional Blackmail as a manipulation, creating double binds. Enjoy!!!

  10. In this episode, Brook talks with special guest Ken Childs from Paramount Investigations, about some of the uses of a Private Investagator. Enjoy!!!

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