The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast

Co-Parenting is the relationship that never ends.

If your ex is difficult to deal with, if you are experiencing high-conflict and/or the children are being hurt by the behavior of your ex partner, then this show is for you.

You may not be able to change them but you CAN change everything that your child needs to be healthy and happy. Listen in as Charlie and Brook discuss the principles, tools and techniques available in order to create peace in high conflict co-parenting relationships.

  1. In this episode Brook and Charlie discuss the 4th rule of Disengagement, what it means and how it works. Enjoy

  2. In this episode Brook and Charlie discuss how to assess what are reasonable expectations of the other parent, partner, or others we are in relationships with. The idea that we all have the same capabilities is not true and when we have expectations that are not reasonable for the situation it is a receipt for conflict. Enjoy !!!

  3. In this episode Brook and Charlie discuss the complications that inherently come with new partners when you are in a high conflict divorce or custody battle with the other parent. Enjoy!!!

  4. In this episode Charlie and Brook Interview Ginger Gentile, Film Maker of the documentary Erasing Family. This documentary follows several families going through the pain of alienation and the impact on the children and the alienated parents. I shows not only the separation but the healing that is possible and points to the need for change in the Family Court System across the country as it looks at how parenting can be shared from the beginning in order to avoid much of the pain and anger caused by the Family Court System. Enjoy!!!!

  5. In this episode Brook and Charlie have a conversation with Retired Commissioner Jeanie Lowe. They discuss a bit of the process in family court, some of the difficult situations that come up for Judges and a bit of what they go through to make some of the difficult decisions presented to them. Enjoy!!

  6. In this episode Brook, Charlie and Tony discuss what a divorce and custody coach does and value one gets when they work with a coach. How it helps better understand the process and how to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance of the process. Enjoy!!!

  7. In this episode Brook and Charlie discuss how the Idealized Self Image (ego) gets in the way of disengaging and how, by recognizing our need to be seen in a certain way keeps us caught up in the conflict. Enjoy!!!

  8. In this episode Brook, Charlie and Tony discuss the scary clown that is always just behind the door or curtain just waiting to jump out and try to reengage us. Enjoy!!!

  9. In this episode Brook and Charlie discuss the importance of focusing on what it is that you are doing to solve the situation and relationship with you children and not focusing on what the other parent is doing. Enjoy

  10. In this episode Brook and Charlie discuss the elements that go into The Three Rules. This isn’t just a repetition or mantra we do, it is actually a sequence and deepening into a process that progresses over time and that requires effort and intention. Enjoy!!!

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